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A Rather Different Caterer

Cheese fondue, fondue bourguignon or chinoise
delivered to your door or as take away


For many people a delicious fondue is part of an ideal winter so, even in lockdown, there’s no need to go without a fondue evening in good company or a fondue lunch. So our popular Turkey Taxi, which has been delivering sumptuous turkeys all over the Canton of Zug since 2011, has become a winter Fondue Taxi. 

You have the choice between a creamy cheese fondue from the Chäs-Hütte Rust in Walchwil and prepared in the Parkhotel Zug kitchen or a fondue bourguignon or chinoise from Hegglin Butchers in Menzingen.

Our head chef, Marcel Scheuner, is totally committed to sustainability and therefore only serves organic produce. This means you’ll enjoy garden-fresh vegetables and potatoes from the Biohof Zug and homemade broth and sauces prepared in the Parkhotel Zug kitchen.

We’ll prepare the fondue of your choice ready for you to pick up or deliver it to your door for lunch or dinner. We are happy to lend you a fondue pan (electric or induction). 

Wintertime is fondue time – feast on this wonderful treat created for you at the Parkhotel Zug.




Fondue Bourguignon or Fondue Chinoise 

Minimum order quantity 2 people.

  • Swiss rape seed oil for Fondue Bourguignon

  • Broth with root vegetables for Fondue Chinoise
  • Side dishes:
    Rice, mustard fruits, pickles vegetables & rosemary-potatoes

  • Sauces:
    Cocktail sauce, sauce tartare, curry dip, Aïoli sauce, gremolata butter

  • Meat 250 g per person:
    Beef, veal, pork, chicken & home made beef balls

CHF 42.00 per person

Additional orders:

  • Mixed meat per 100g CHF 9.00
  • Sauces per portion CHF 2.50



Cheese Fondue's 

Minimum order quantity 2 people.

We get the cheese for our cheese fondues from the Chäs-Hütte Rust in Walchwil and are made in the Parkhotel Zug.

200g per person including bread, potatoes in the skin & pickled vegetables 

  • Cheese Fondue House made with Walchwiler cheese & Gruyère
    CHF 27.50

  • Cheese Fondue House made with dried tomatoes 
    CHF 29.50

  • Cheese Fondue House made with truffle

    CHF 30.50

  • Cheese Fondue House made with smoked bacon & onions 
    CHF 31.50




48 hours prior, please place your order stating the desired delivery time +/- 15 minutes in the Canton of Zug area on 041 727 48 48.

We are happy to deliver our fondues to you for lunch and dinner.


Fax: ++ 41 41 727 48 49


Daily delivery or collection:

Deliveries are made by "taxi" to your front door throughout the Canton of Zug. Collection from the Parkhotel Zug is also possible.

Caquelon, cutlery & fuel paste:

We will be happy to lend free of charge you a caquelon of your choice (electric or induction) and cutlery. Please tick your choice on the form.

  • We charge CHF 3.00 for fuel paste.

Flat rate delivery costs:

  • City of Zug CHF 10.00
  • Canton of Zug CHF 15.00

For deliveries outside the canton of Zug, please contact us. We are happy to calculate the price for you.


We are looking forward to your booking and wish you EN GUETE today!

Your Parkhotel Zug team