Traditional Georgia (Postboned)

Thursday, 30th April until Saturday, 2nd May 2020

Daily from 6 p.m.

Georgian cuisine boasts many unique dishes, the most sophisticated of which are starters of cooked vegetables flavoured with fresh coriander, mint, walnut and garlic. It also features specially prepared beef, lamb and pork with the accent on retaining the meat’s essential flavours. A Georgian buffet or ‘supra’ consists of an impressive array of different dishes.

Wine has a particular significance. Georgia is considered to be one of the origins of winemaking as vines were cultivated and wine produced there as early as eight thousand years ago. Bread is almost as important in Georgian cuisine. In rural areas bread is usually still made at home in traditional clay ovens.

The team at the Park Hotel together with your host Tea Chkuaseli are delighted to present a traditional Georgian ‘Supra’ for the second time. Let yourself be transported to another culinary  world.

You’ll love it.


Offer & Price:

- cold starter
- warm starter
- soup
- main course buffet
- Dessert

CHF 89.00


Reservation & information:

Julia Haase, host gastronomy
Tel. 041 727 47 47