Friday, 6th September 2019, from 7.30 p.m.

A Celtic Shindig is a typical Celtic evening on which it’s our pleasure to serve you a Scottish/Irish dinner accompanied by ‘Drinks of the Druids’ supplied by Mark Chesterfield.

Enjoy an evening of Irish folklore and music brought to you by the Irish musician Brendan Wade from Wexford. (

We will also be tasting exclusive whiskies from Scotland, Ireland and Wales, along with Scottish and Irish beers and ales.

Dinner consists of four courses using classic ingredients from Britain.

Our Master of Ceremonies, Mark Chesterfield, will guide you through the evening. Join us at the Park Hotel to experience a wonderful, traditional and authentic event.

Great entertainment awaits you so do come along.

Welcoming guests, menu & price:

Welcoming guests:
at 7.30 p.m.

Menu & Price:
CHF 99.00 incl. welcoming drink, 4-course dinner, entertainement, music
and a Whisky corresponding to each course.


Scottish smoked salmon tatar with garden pea mash & rocket
Chowder – irish fish- & seafood soup
Slice of lamb gigot braised in Guiness beer
or John Stone rib-eye steak (170g)
parsely root mash,
bimi-broccoli, confited shallots & truffle jus
Dark chocolate tart with tonka bean ice cream


Reservation & Information: 

Julia Haase, head of gastronomy

Tel. 041 727 47 47