The Celtic Connections

Friday, 17th July 2020 from 7.30 p.m.

An entertaining evening of 'Whisky, Dinner and Music' awaits you, accompanied by Scottish, Irish, Welsh and Cornish songs and melodies performed by the Irish musician Brendan Wade.

What makes the Celtic connection so unique and special? Mark Chesterfield from The Whisky Experience  - a truly gifted storyteller - will draw you into this intriguing world...

Connoisseurs and anyone who is interested in culture should make the most of this opportunity. Mark Chesterfield will guide you through the evening, presenting an exclusive selection of whiskies from Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Brittany accompanied by an imaginative 4 course dinner from Marcel Scheuner's kitchen at the Parkhotel Zug.

Enjoy another of our authentic evenings at the Parkhotel Zug. A good time is guaranteed! The evening will be predominantly conducted in English.

Offer & Menu

    Welcoming guests at 19.30h

    • incl. 4 course dinner with specialities from Scotland, Wales, Ireland & Cornwall
    • Whiskytasting
    • Entertainement with Mark Chesterfield
    • Special Guest Irishman Brendan Wade

        CHF 89.00


        Confited scottish salmon with leaf spinach & hollandaise espuma
        Cawl, a welsh broth with lamb & root vegetables
        Slice of irish Highland beef with cherry-shallot ragoût, chanterelles, broad beans & parnips mash
        Far Breton, a brittany prune flan with yogurt ice cream


        Reservation & information:

        Restaurant Parkhotel Zug

        Tel. 041 727 47 47