EXPERIENCE SAIGON | Vietnam by Bibi Huelin-Dang

Wednesday, 18th September - Saturday, 21st September 2019

Daily from 6 p.m.

South Vietnamese cuisine is famous for being one of the purest in south eastern Asia, its main focus on being the freshest of ingredients prepared in the most authentic manner. It is subtly spiced, low in calories but still filling. Vietnamese cuisine was influenced by both China and France as colonial empires as well as by trading partners such as India, Portugal, Cambodia and Thailand.

Together with our guest chef Bibi Huelin-Dang from Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), whose personal credo is; ‘Cooking is Love’, we are very much looking forward to introducing you to the genuine, authentic South Vietnamese cuisine – a world of thrilling contrasts and surprising harmony.


Reservation & information:

Julia Haase, head of Gastronomy
Tel. 041 727 47 47