Urs Bischof

Born in St. Gallen in 1947. Lives and works in Zug.

Self-employed since 1973, is an independent goldsmith and artist.

He has organized a great number of individual and joint exhibitions, both in Switzerland and abroad.

Most relevant aspects of his career: one piece jewelry; sculptures, wooden art; fountains and special graves. Urs Bischof is capable of contributing with his fantasy, as well as with his visions, both in his jewels and sculptures.

With his works, the artist wants to inspire the spectator who, in many occasions, will find in them his own interior world.

Urs Bischof is a vital, imaginative and sensitive artist.

Urs Bischof Gold Art
L├╝ssiweg 41 
CH-6300 Zug

Tel. +41 41 712 39 39