Colours & Emotions

Judith Marty

23th October - 23th November 2020

Judith Marty known as Standart gives an exhibition in the Parkhotel Zug.

Strong colours with smooth forms make her oeuvres unique. Looking at her pictures is like a deep look into the soul of human beings. Acryl is the dominant material used by Standart. The wonderful monuments on the wall represent part of the artist’s life without explicitly telling big stories and concrete situations.

It shall be in the observers freedom to find out what it means for their own person and experience. It is like a good love song, where the rhymes are valid for everybody but at the same time express a unique feeling. The sum of the colours and forms represent the emotions. Therefore let’s open up for this little journey of feelings and impressions. Elements of abstract art and expressionism shall make you think about life.

Standart was born in Muoatathal and lives in Baar. Her comment on the question what the visitor of her exhibition can expect was: ‚I’m just happy to show my oeuvres which mirror my actual feelings and tell you a lot about my life!‘