Turkey Taxi

Please download our order form, fill it out and send the order form to: info@parkhotel.ch

01.11. - 24.12.2015

Dine in your own home like the king of France. Imagine you are in Cockaigne - a crispy, brown, tender and juicy turkey is delivered to your doorstep per Taxi.

From the 1st November till 24th December 2015, our chef and his team look forward to your order. As you do not have to cook you have high quality time with your guests, which is likewise the motto by the turkey taxi service. On request, we can also prepare appetizers, side dishes and desserts. The hot take-away turkeys are chauffeured by Taxi Keiser AG, Zug to your home or also to your company during lunchtime.

The Turkey Taxi can also deliver a tasty assortment of side dishes.


Stuffed turkey for four people and upwards. From CHF 32.00 per person.
(approx. 500gr turkey per person, crude)

A whole turkey with white breadcrumb and cranberry stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce. The turkey is delivered to your home, packed in a special box to keep it warm and hygienically wrapped in a foil.

On additional request: 

- Soup:

  pumpkin coconut soup 

  CHF 28.00 (1 Lt. for 4 pax)


- Side dish: 

  red cabbage with apple, dumplings, 

  seasonal vegetables  

  CHF 16.00 per person

- Dessert: 

  Home made American Apple Pie 

  CHF 48.00 (26cm, for up to 8 pax)


How to order:

Please give at least 72 hours' notice and let us know where in the canton of Zug and when you would like the order to be delivered (+/- 15 minutes). Call 041 727 48 48.

We also deliver at lunchtime in your company p.e. (notice 4 days in advance)

Daily deliveries:

Delivered by the turkey taxi to your door in the canton of Zoug.

Deliveries outside of the canton of Zoug will be charged extra!

The delivery of our turkey's are operated by Taxi Keiser AG, Zug. 

We look forward to serving you!