Swedish weeks - since 2003

19.02 - 08.03.2015

The harsh climate and the major importance of agriculture and fishing have a strong influence on Sweden’s food culture.

As a consequence the Swedish kitchen is characterized by solid and traditional, domestic dishes which are also very popular in our country. The long wait has an end and we are delighted to announce that our beloved guest chef Susanna Lyrdal Johnson will cook various Swedish dishes for us again. Come and feast on the popular «Smörgåsbord», a dish derived beyond the borders of Zug.

More then a dozen different types of homemade herrings, warm and cold smoked salmon prepared after a traditional recipe, spicy meatballs «Köttbullar», «Tjälknöl» from the elk, «Janssons frestelse» and Swedish sweets are only some of the ninety different delights on Susanna’s buffet.

«Det svenska traditionella köket ligger mig varmt om hjärtat. Svenska köket bygger mycket på balansen mellan salt, sött och syrligt. Smörgåsbordet speglar de svenska smakerna och våra traditionella rätter i min tolkning. Under kvällen är jag er värdinna och finns till hands för er, undrar ni över något så fråga.
Jag hoppas maten skall smaka och önskar er varmt välkomna. Susanna Lyrdal Johnson»

With this food variety there is only one thing left to say: Smaklig måltid! Skål!

Full Smörgåsbord buffet à discrétion CHF 79.00


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