Silvia Felix
19th October - 19th November 2014

To be a sculptress was her plan already as a young girl. However, her life guided her via many different occupations towards her passion. 2011 she gave up her secure manager position and lived on a sailing boat in the Ionian Sea for 5 months. Sitting at the most beautiful beaches, working with hands and feet, her passion for stone sculptures could unfold entirely. Since then she devotes her life to sculptures and healing arts. Silvia Felix lives and works in Zug and Mallorca.

The artist is fascinated by the transformation of the raw, often unnoticed stone into a completely new form that, in its source, had been hiding for thousands of years. The inner beauty that reveals itself through pure attention mirrors its essence to mankind. It’s the outcome of an alchemistic transformative process.

With her sculptures and her poems, Silvia Felix would like to pass beauty and wisdom to people and enrich them on many different levels. Next to her creative work she offers sculpture workshops in Mallorca and healing art.

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